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Camilla Blue

The album “Blue” is the first of four and was released in 2018. Several songs of the upcoming second album “Yellow” are already released. The full album will be released towards the end of 2020.

each song creates its own world,

with a unique own sound and meaning

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Camilla Blue is more than music

Blue is more than just music: it is a personal Gesamtkunstwerk, a fusion of music, poetry and visual art. Blue is a blueprint of the singer’s life and the first album of a four-part album. Three more albums will be released in the coming years. A painting is made for each album cover, which together form a complete work of art.

NEW: The Camilla Blue Shop is here!
Until the end of 2020 no concerts and no rehearsals … So, are we going to sit tight and wait? NO! I pulled out my paintbrushes, sewing machine and canvases. Because of the many canceled performances and not being able to sit still, we are doing it all different with Camilla Blue! Now there is the Camilla Blue Shop! You see something in the Camilla Blue Shop, but it is already sold out? No Probs! Send a message, I’ll be happy to tailor something for you!


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