camilla blue single release

Camilla Blue

Camilla Blue has announced that she will be releasing her new single ‘When I get home’
(september 6, 2019) from the upcoming album ‘Yellow’.

This song has a special meaning for her. She grew up in a foster family. This song is a tribute for her foster parents. Camilla Blue has appointed to ambassador of ‘Pleegzorg Nederland for Stichting Oosterpoort ’ 2019/2020.

With her new band and new show she will perform in Willem-Twee, Paradox and the Groene Engel among others.

Never trendy, not pursuing anything,

always intuitive, personal and timeless

Camilla Blue is more than music

Blue is more than just music: it is a personal Gesamtkunstwerk, a fusion of music, poetry and visual art. Blue is a blueprint of the singer’s life and the first album of a four-part album. Three more albums will be released in the coming years. A painting is made for each album cover, which together form a complete work of art.

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